Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What is this all about then?

It is often said that it takes just 28 days to reprogramme the mind...

Over the next 28 days I nominate you to take up the challenge!
By shifting your conciousness and allowing yourself some time and space to grow and receive over the next 28 days, you could have some powerfully positive effects by the end of this cycle -  so here is how it works...

Each day you have to have some 'me time'. Whether that's time to chill, a spa day, read that book you always wanted to, have more family time, book that trip, meditate, go see an old friend, be more spiritual or simply be; you have nothing to lose!

All you need to do is update your facebook status every day for 28 days with your 'little things'.
Because big changes start with the little things...

Lots of love Tiffany & Laura xxx


  1. I already feel very positive about the next few weeks. It's amazing how making a few tiny differences can have such an impact on your life. I find instead of worrying about all the things I need to do but put off doing, I'm actually getting done. Life seems easier in bite size chunks.

  2. I lost my first comment, never mind, was too long! I just want to say I feel all the better for doing this. Today is my 2nd day. My goal is to organise my time better, not let moments pass by. I want to find the happy Soul I no I have, just felt a bit of crisis of personality due to awful events I went thru last yr.
    Thank U both for organising this :)